"P-p-p-please go see Emily p-p-p-perform. She's so hilarious, she made me blow carrot juice out of my nose. Two ears up!!!"

   -- Roger Rabbit

"Emily's comedy had me guffawing so hard I forgot I was wearing yesterday's diapers."

   -- Baby Herman

"She makes me laugh."

   -- Jessica Rabbit

"Dittos all around."

   -- Gary K. Wolf, Creator of Roger Rabbit

"Emily Singer is very observant, very intelligent, very funny -- has all the makings of being a complete flop."

   -- Steve Sweeney, WZLX DJ and comedian


"Emily's jokes are like a 1500-level SAT."

   -- Will McNeill, writer/comedian


"Emily is deliriously funny... diabolically witty... ironically poignant... and agonizingly humorous."

   -- Jim McCue, comedian, and founder, Boston International Comedy Festival


"Emily is a natural talent."

   -- Peter Bufano, Circus Clown, Kinoshita Circus, Japan and Ringling Bros.

"Emily Singer knows comedy like nobody's business--that's why I've been stealing her jokes for years. Part Elaine May and part Margaret Smith, you're sure to see a unique show when you see Emily."

   -- Mark Gagné, Associate Faculty, Second City Training Center, Chicago

"Hilarious! Laugh-out loud funny."

   -- Hank Morse, 96.9 TALK FM